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Author: Charles Wilson

Study Proves Long-Term Vaping Does Not Negatively Affect Health

Published / by Charles Wilson

People are being cautious when they look at buying a pod vape and it’s easy to see why. With so many negative things being said about smoking, people want to ensure they are not putting their health at further risk with vaping. It’s tough to know which way to turn because as much as people want to give up smoking, they find it very tough to do. That is one of the biggest reasons why people are vaping and they are almost replacing smoking with vaping. However, is it really the negative health impact as we all believe?

New Studies

There have been new studies conducted which are now saying long-term use of vape devices are not actually going to impact or change the state of your lungs. If someone has smoked for a while but have now changed to a pod mod, it might not actually cause any further negative impacts on that person’s health including their lungs. If that is true, it’s very promising as it might potentially mean vaping is a little safer than traditional cigarettes. Of course, further studies are needed as a lot is still unclear with vaping but it does look to be a healthier option today. Having no change to lung activity with vaping can really spell the wave of a new future.

Will Vaping Be Better Than Smoking

Let’s be honest, people already find vaping to be a pain just as much as real cigarettes but it is possible to keep your health in fairly decent condition with vaping. There is a real difference between vaping and smoking and with real cigarettes; there are a lot of health warnings and risks. Does that mean to say you will get ill when you continue to smoke? It can depend on the person as some people can smoke for sixty years and have no real medical conditions to worry about but of course, not all people are lucky. Smoking can impact the lungs and bring negative health impacts which are why it’s not advisable. Using a pod vape might be somewhat better if it means keeping health at a better level for all.

Should We All Be Vaping?        

In truth, if you don’t smoke and have no desire to do it, you shouldn’t really be looking at vaping! Of course, if you want to vape that is your choice but a lot of the time, smokers look to them to help improve their health. If you are a heavy smoker, it might be time to try and reduce how much you smoke and potentially you can use a pod mod to do so. Vaping is a useful solution and it can enable you to get far more value for money too. Vape devices are more cost-effective because once you have the device you just have to worry about buying e-liquids and juices to refill the machine.

Do What You Feel Is Best

Vaping has really become popular and there is no denying people are using these devices to help reduce how much they smoke. It can be at times better to look at ways to give up smoking and you will find vaping offers so much. That is why more studies are being conducted and if it is possible to avoid harming your health too, it can be ideal. Pod vape is a useful device but you have to make sure it’s the right one for you.…

Can A Pod Vape Really Help To Keep You Away From The Cigarettes?

Published / by Charles Wilson

Do you think using a pod mod will help you stop smoking? It is not always easy to move away from the things that are unhealthy and even when you try, your body craves the bad stuff. That is a major problem and one which most of us have issues with. Unfortunately the body craves what it is used to so if you have been smoking for a long time, or even a short period, your body has nicotine within it. That nicotine is highly addictive and it makes the body want it more. It can be the stumbling block when it comes to giving up smoking which is the real fight. However, if you replace traditional cigarettes and used a vaping device, could it help you quit cigarettes for real?

It’s Not About Taking Away But Substituting

If your body believes what it wants is being taken away from it, it will start craving it so much more. It’s like when you are used to eating chocolate, if you suddenly announce you aren’t going to eat it anymore, the body craves it far more making it impossible to stay away, even when you’re determined! However, you can’t think about cigarettes like that, you have to instead look at replacing or substituting what you use. With a pod vape you can substitute your cigarettes. That would help to make it a little easier to slowly but surely give up your cigarettes.

Slowly Reduce Your Cigarette Intake

If you are used to smoking cigarettes every hour, you need to slowly reduce that amount. For instance, instead of having four cigarettes before lunch, try to cut it back to two. If you have to, you could use a pod mod to replace the other times you smoke. You can slowly move away from cigarettes to a vaping device so that your body gets used to it. That would help you in many ways and in reality it will enable you to make the change between smoking and vaping.

Stay Strong

There are going to be times when you crave a cigarette and when you think one will be enough for you but you have to stay strong. It’s not going to be easy to give up smoking especially when you have been so used to them but it’s important to do so. It’s the same with chocolate and other junk foods, you have to slowly reduce them so that your body gets used to having less of them. It will help to enable you to become healthier. That is what you want and need at the end of the day and a pod vape can help. Vaping devices can help you give up traditional cigarettes.

Think of the external benefits

Obviously quitting smoking is going to be great for your body and for your relationships as you won’t smell, but have your tinder dates come back to your place only to pull a funny face? well the reason is, smoking has made your house smell bad.

Vaping – The New Craze

In a way, vaping has become the new craze that people seem to have embraced and enjoy a lot more and it’s easy to see why. It’s sometimes far better to choose something that will help you to get a more effective way to deal with your bad habits. It’s time to get an effective way to give up smoking and using a pod mod might help. Click here for more information:

Are Pod Systems the New Generation of Vaping Kits?

Published / by Charles Wilson

Have you ever used the pod systems? The pod systems are based on the same principles as those of the standard cigarette only that they were brought radically. Pod systems are liked by many people because they are designed in a simple way and their target market are the smokers. The pod system is effective because it is a fuss-free alternative that anyone can be able to easily use. To use the pod vape effectively you have to adhere with the cigalike principles so that this technology can be able to be taken to a new direction.


This cigalike format is limited because of its small size. This means that you cannot be able to get much performance from it as you may be expecting. Because you can solve the pod systems if you wish and you can only do this by tending to be larger. More battery capacity is what is in fact one of the biggest weaknesses of the cigalikes. These batteries have 90-180mAh range and this makes it hard for them to last longer. It is in the atomiser where most of the changes take place or show up. The cartos have the ability to work well enough but they are seriously limited in terms of the liquid capacity.  Another limit is on the amount of power that they can be able to handle.

Why go for the pod systems?

The pod mod systems are very common nowadays and are widely used. They have helped many people to solve their problems and this is because they help us to get rid of filling. As far as the pod systems are concerned, the wick, the liquid and coil are contained in one of the disposable tanks. In the e-cigarette market the pod systems occupy a small segment but this makes most people to think that it would make them to be more popular. An example of the pod systems include the Juul that is produced by Pax. As at now the Juul is currently available in the United States of America and there are high chances that it would be rolled out globally in the recent future.

The future of the pod systems

Do you know the value that the pod systems have? The pod systems are simple and they do not require much tweaking and customization. The hobbier vapers and the cloud chasers do not use the pod systems in most cases. Despite this it’s worth knowing that there are millions of smokers across the world and all like this alternative. The only reason why this alternative is not good for all is because it requires refilling from the bottles and also fiddling with coins. There are those who have taken cigarettes for decades have found that it is hard to change to the pod systems. This means that the pod systems might not easily replace the cigarettes.

To conclude, pod systems are widely used today across the world and they are a good way to go. They are a good way to use because they are advantageous and at the same time they are effective to use as compared to other cigarettes. They are very popular nowadays and this is because of their efficiency.…

The Do’s & Don’ts of Vaping

Published / by Charles Wilson

Are you looking to quit smoking? If you are looking to cut back or quit completely than vaping might be for you. Vapes (or e-cigarettes) are battery operated devices that vaporize a nicotine based solution to give you the feeling and effect of smoking. According to The World Health Organization, vaping is a safer alternative to smoking tobacco products. However, the U.S. Surgeon General has put e-cigarettes (vapes) into the category with cigarettes even though they are not cigarettes. Although vaping is considered a safer alternative to smoking there are still some places where you can’t use the vape. For example, Wal-Mart and Starbucks do not allow their employees to use vapes on the premises. However, otherplaces such as ExxonMobil have a special smoking area for their employees to use their vapes. Other companies like McDonald’s allows their employees as well as their customers to use vapes on the premises. If you will be doing any traveling you will have to look into the area that you will be traveling because they all don’t have the same rules when it comes to vape use. Some popular destinations that do allow vaping include: Bermuda, Hamburg, Germany, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Jerusalem, Israel, Jura, France, and Madagascar. Places that don’t allowing vaping are: Honolulu, Hawaii, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Tofino, British Columbia just to name a few.

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Tutorial: Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

Published / by Charles Wilson

Buying a vape pen can be an important decision for millions of people today. When you want to smoke but aren’t as keen on the traditional cigarettes, a lot of people turn to vaping devices. These can truly be the ideal solution for many and they are a lot easier to use than you might think. What’s more, they are supposed to be the healthier alternative so that really appeals to most. Read on to find a simple beginners guide to vaping and find a few things you need to know.

What Is A Vaping Device?

In all honesty, you are using a device which is similar to that of an electronic cigarette. When smokers want to give up smoking traditional cigarettes, they turn to e-cigs and vaping devices are quite like them. They can use e-liquids to get their nicotine buzz and can be available in a range of flavors too. For most, they choose to start with a vape pen starter kit and can find they enjoy the experience somewhat. It’s not that uncommon today as you would think and it’s truly becoming more and more popular by the day.

Buy a Vape Pen Starter Kit for Easy Set-Up

When you choose to vape, you are probably best to stick to a starter’s kit. The reason why is quite simply because it can be very costly to buy the device alone and you have to buy cartridges or e-liquids and juices. Buying them separately can cost a real fortune which isn’t ideal; but when you buy a vape pen start-up kit, you get everything you need together. That is why there are now more and more people looking at these than ever before. What’s more, they can be more useful since its one price for many items. visit today!

How to Begin?

vapeNewcomers or beginners can often become a little overwhelmed when first using the vaporizer. It’s simply because they aren’t used to this form of smoking and it’s really quite overpowering at times. However, that is why it would be better to stick to low temperatures and keep the flavors to the basics to begin with. You need time to let your palette adjust to vaping and it can take a little while. Try to use it only once every so often until you get used to it and it shouldn’t take too long. With a vape pen starter kit you might get a few e-liquids to choose from which is great. You should be able to find the right flavors.

Learn With Ease

When you first start out vaping, it can be a challenge but it’s not as difficult as you would think. You can absolutely get a high quality vape device without a lot of investment and without wasting a lot of time either. There has never been a simpler time to buy a vape pen and you are going to love what it can offer you too. Buying a vape pen can really be ideal and something you should think about investing in.…

Box Mods – We Have the Definitive Reviews and Tips of the Best

Published / by Charles Wilson

Buying the best box mod can be highly important. You want to ensure the best device is purchased and ideally you want to avoid overspending too. So, how can you know which box mods are the best? Well, if you read on, you can find just a few of the best options to consider today. You might be surprised with what you find and read! Read on to find out more about buying box mods.

Innokin Cool Fire 4 40W

To be honest, the Innokin Cool Fire 4 40w has been a firm favorite for quite a while and it still continues to impress! It has been a hugely popular device and one which has been around for a very long time. However, it’s really quite impressive in all manners and it is good for all level of smoker’s even beginners. You can also find the build is pretty strong and good and the battery is very good as well. However, the box vape can still be used when it’s being charged so that’s a nice touch to say the least. You will find this to be of good quality and really quite simple.

The SMOK Q Box Mod 50W

First of all, the SMOK Q box mod 50W is able to offer temperature and output controls which are absolutely fantastic. However, the device is really quite neat and does a fairly simple design. The box mod looks really quite smart and offers a massive 50w of power. It’s small in size but powerful and it’s more than portable to say the least. What’s more, you get a strong battery and it’s a good little starter kit for beginners. read more from

The Aspire Zelos 50W

vape penTo look at the Aspire Zelos 50w you are sure to love it. Its design is very simple but effective and there is something special about the device that screams versatility. What’s more, you get a great integrated battery and you can vape while the device is charging up. What’s more, it’s great for all vape enthusiasts and it is sure to be a firm favorite for those looking to vape. Of course, this is a great little box vape and one that appeals to so many. You will love how nice the device looks and how easy it is to use also. This is certainly a device that will appeal to most people.

Getting To Grips with Vaping

If you love to vape, you will find the box mods to be of great use. Now, these devices are smart and very simple to use and can offer smokers more quality and that’s important. However the mods not only offer a simple way to enjoy vaping but a nice and affordable option also. There has never been a better time to look into buying a box mod and you are going to see how versatile they really are. Why not look into buying a box mod and see if it offers you want you need or want today.…

6 Vape Tips for New Users

Published / by Charles Wilson

Using a vaporizer pen has become incredibly popular but, for many new users, they use it once or twice and that’s it. Walking away is not uncommon for a lot of smokers simply because don’t really enjoy it as much as they thought. However, there are many simple ways to get more from your vape pens if you know a few little tips that is. Read on to find just six simple tips you might be interested in learning.

Get the Best Vape Pen

You need to consider buying a pen that offers great quality. A lot of people don’t buy a vape pen that suits their needs but rather choose one that looks fancy or is affordable. While price is an important factor, it’s not the only one to think of. It’s a necessary to ensure the very best pen is purchased so that you can get more from it. Yes, you mightn’t think it’s necessary but it really is.

Always Stick to Flavors you’re Familiar With

Most newcomers want to experience something new so choose outlandish flavors they really aren’t keen on. When they do this, they can often be put-off by using the vaporizer pen which is a real shame. That is why it might be a lot more effective to choose flavors you know or are familiar with. If you have used strawberry flavors before when vaping and have enjoyed it then that’s maybe one to continue with. Of course, it’s your choice here but it’s always wise to stick to what you know. check it from

Take Good Care Of Your Device

Your vaping device cost a lot of money probably and you want it to last as long as possible which means you have to take very good care of it! Now, a lot of people don’t dismantle the device after they’ve done with it for the day and it can result in a few problems. When it comes to your device, you could find there is a leak every now and again it if it damages the device, well you’ll be buying a new one. If you’ve found the best vape pen, you don’t want to have to buy another new one shortly after. That is why you have to take very good care of the pen and you shouldn’t be afraid to clean it either.

Always Check the Device before Using

When it comes to using a vape pen, it’s crucial that you ensure the device is fully operational before using. Now, you might not think this means too much but in truth it’s very important. If there are any issues with the device, they must be picked up and quickly. When you don’t conduct a check before using it, you could get hurt or find the device is damaged even more. A quick check will prove useful to say the least.

Don’t Accidentally Drop

penTaking good care of your vape device is important if you want to get a long-lasting device. Now, your vaporizer pen should be kept in a safe place so that it doesn’t accidentally fall to the ground. When the device is dropped, it could cause some cracking and it’s really troublesome to say the least. It would be wise to take a few moments out to ensure all devices are kept safe and out of reach too. If you drop the device, conduct a check to ensure there is no damage.

Ensure the Batteries Are Charged Before Use

When the batteries are low, they may not offer a vaping experience you enjoy as it can cut-out half way through or not work entirely. It’s wise to take a very close look at the batteries and ensure they are charged fully before they’re used. This is vastly important and something that will keep the best vape pen in use for longer. Charging doesn’t take too long and it can last a very long time too.

Enjoy Vaping

Vaping has really taken off in recent years and it’s not hard to see why more and more are now using it. Of course, you can enjoy smoking a lot more with this and since it’s technically a bit healthier, it can put your mind at ease too. Hopefully, the above tips will prove useful for you when using a vape pen today.…